RPA Advertising


Digital Strategy Intern

June 2022 - August 2022

As my first professional internship, my time at RPA taught me a great deal, not only about adverstising, but also about work environements and relationships. I was very lucky to work with such an incredible team and interact with some really impressive people. I never felt like "just an intern" but instead like a peer and a capable member of the team. In this role I truly grew both professionally and personally.

What I did

  • I assisted in building comprehensive digital strategies for Farmers Insurance, TX Energy, Apartments.com, and Arco across social and search platforms accomplishing target objectives designed per campaign
  • During my time, a major project was the collaboration of Apartments.com with online infleuncers. I was tasked with finding the influencers and then leading the presentations during meetings with the social media team and influencers in regards to the social campaigns.
  • Another main part of the internship was the intern project. The interns were put in teams of four and tasked with creating a digital campaign focused on increased hiring which would eventually be presented to RPA executives. I captained my team and we created a successful presentation that recieved much positive feedback.